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Reasons Why You Should Wear a Life Jacket

The water has some of the most amazing activities like swimming, boat riding and skiing but since you will be exposing yourself to certain risks, you need to use a life jacket all the time whether it is for leisure or sport. However, most people on boats will choose to without a life jacket not knowing that it is not enough to have one on the boat if you are not wearing it. Anytime you find yourself out on the water without a life jacket you are foregoing all the benefits of wearing one. Here are a few advantages of wearing a life jacket.

If you look at the at the statistics of people who have died in boating accidents over the last few years, you will realize that up to eighty-five percent of them had no life jackets during the accidents which is why you are urged to wear one since it can save your life. Life jackets do not only save lives by keeping you afloat but by keeping you warm too; given the lower temperature of the water compared to your body’s, you have a lower chance of surviving unless you are wearing a life jacket that keeps your body temperature where it should be.

The main reason why most people choose not to wear life jackets is because they overestimate their swimming ability which has led to the demise of several people, so no matter how good you are at swimming, ensure you are always wearing a life jacket. Facing the sky instead of the ocean while you are in the water may not seem like much but it is enough to save your life whenever you are out on water.

Always wear a life jacket even when you think it is such a beautiful day and nothing weather-related could go wrong when you are skiing or boat riding, and this is because a commanding percentage of the accidents have been caused by non-weather related issues. Given only one in five people who die of drowning are kids, it shows they are taking life jackets serious more than the adults but they are not just meant for the kids.

It doesn’t matter if you will be out in the water or not but so long as you are planning to be around the water, it is good to take precaution by wearing a life jacket. Be an example to the people around you who take pleasure in the same water activities as you; you will can be the person who starts the safe trend of urging people to wear life jackets. These are the advantages of using life jackets.

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