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The Importance of Having Hope in Hard Times

When you face the challenges in this hard world, you need to have hopes of eternal life. These worldly challenges are for a short period of time and we should panic too much to the point of sinning. Heaven is the anchor of souls of the believers and Jesus Christ gave us hope of eternal life. The important thing to keep in mind as a believer is that the world will end but heaven will be there forever. The challenges and hardships of this world should not destruct us from focusing on the heavenly path. Our heavenly father promised us heaven and we need to fix our eyes firmly on him.

As a Christian, you do not have to live in fear because heaven is there for us. Jesus Christ encourages gave us his word that he was going to heaven to prepare a better place for us and advised us not to be afraid. He also gave his disciples hope when he was about to be crucified on the cross for our very own sins. Jesus Christ gave us his word that he will come back to take his church to heaven where there will be no tears or sorrow. Through him, we are assured that heaven is real and is the place for the holy who believes in the word of God.

You should purpose to live a meaningful life due to the fact that heaven is real. We are living a meaning life today because we believe that heave is real. God is there for as all and through Jesus Christ his Son, Christians understand that their lives are meaningful. The fact that we are still breathing today, it is because of his grace and mercy. One of the most fascinating things about life is that it is short and unpredictable. No single person has the ability to tell when he/she will die. It is therefore good to live as if it is your last day on earth because you do not know about your tomorrow.

Inasmuch as we may feel neglected and unwanted in the world, heaven is the place for everyone. Life on earth is always a struggle and it reminds us that this is not our permanent place. The book of Luke chapter number 16 versus 19 talks about a poor man who by the name Lazarus was seen as unworthy in the world. The rich man always despised him but when they both died, Lazarus went to heaven where he was comforted by Abraham. This story reminds us that there is heaven accommodates even those who are despised and seen as unworthy in this world. You should therefore not lose hope because you do not have everything that you desire to have in this world.

Lastly, the Bible describes heaven as a place of true love, joy, and freedom where there is no pain or suffering. Unlike heaven, the world is a home of tears, pain, suffering, and death where humans struggle to survive. There is no single day that passes without struggle and pain on earth. The bible explains that God himself will wipe away our tears and welcome us in heaven. Heaven is the place of happiness, joy, love, and freedom. There will be no disease, no pain or suffering. All the troubles will end the moment we will depart from this wicked world.

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